Ace: A hole-in-one.

Address: The way a golfer positions his or her body right before laying the clubface square to the ball. Each golfer has his or her own unique address.

Airball: When a golfer swings and misses the ball. It is counted as a stroke in putting.

Albatross: British term for double eagle, which means you scored 3 under par on one hole. A great score, which does not happen frequently.

Amateur: A golfer who plays golf for pleasure rather than for money or as a profession.

Angle of Approach: A golf shot made with the aim of landing the golf ball on the green.

Approach: A shot to the green, made from anywhere except the tee.

Apron: The grass around the edge of a green. It is longer than the grass on the green, but shorter than the grass on the fairway.

Attend: To hold and remove the flagstick as a partner putts, usually from some distance.

Away: The term used to describe the ball farthest from the hole and, thus, next to be played.

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