Bethpage Green

A Legacy of Golfing Excellence

Since its establishment in 1936, Bethpage State Park has been a cornerstone of golfing heritage, evolving over decades to become a hub for golf enthusiasts. Among its distinguished courses, the Green Course stands out, originally designed by the renowned architect Devereux Emmet. The 1960s witnessed a transformative redesign led by acclaimed architect Alfred Tull, resulting in the challenging yet immensely enjoyable layout that golfers relish today.

A Local Favorite this is the first People’s Country Club

Solidifying its status as a local favorite, Bethpage Green a miniature Black course their first holes side by side dog right. Many holes are pretty similar just shorter.

Challenging wide fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and undulating greens consistently test the skills of the golfers, contributing to its lasting legacy.

Accessibility for All

Unlike many championship-level courses, Bethpage Green welcomes the public. An efficient online reservation system ensures accessible tee times, allowing golfers of all levels to enjoy a world-class course.

Play with Freedom

Tailored for golfers of all skill levels, Bethpage Green offers a forgiving and approachable layout. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned player, enjoy a relaxed round with friends and family on this inclusive course.

Golf Heritage

Established in 1936, Bethpage State Park holds a rich golfing legacy. Bethpage Green, designed by Devereux Emmet and later revamped by Alfred Tull, stands as a testament to this storied history.

A Timeless Golfing Destination

Designed with inclusivity in mind, Bethpage Green offers a forgiving and approachable layout. Tailored to cater to golfers of varying skill levels, the Green Course ensures an inclusive experience for both beginners and seasoned players. This characteristic makes it an ideal destination for those new to the game or individuals seeking a relaxed round with friends and family.

Course Information

Bethpage embraces the public, offering an opportunity for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels to experience a world-class course. The availability of tee times through an efficient online reservation system enhances accessibility, allowing golfers to plan and enjoy their rounds conveniently.

Forward Tees:

  • PAR: 71
  • LENGTH: 5387 
  • RATING: 67.6
  • SLOPE: 123

Regulation Tees:

  • PAR: 71
  • LENGTH: 6096 
  • RATING: 68.9
  • SLOPE: 127

Championship Tees:

  • PAR: 71
  • LENGTH: 6378 
  • RATING: 70.2
  • SLOPE: 129

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