Bethpage Yellow

Discover Bethpage Yellow Course

Since opening its fairways to the public in 1958, the Bethpage Yellow Course stands as a testament to the enduring tradition of public golf. Originally designed by Alfred Tull, the course has evolved through renovations over the years, refining its layout while preserving its timeless essence. As an integral part of the Bethpage State Park golf complex, the Yellow Course has played a pivotal role in bringing world-class golf within reach of all enthusiasts.

Unveiling the Par-71 Masterpiece

Golfers stepping onto Bethpage Yellow are welcomed by a par-71 layout that seamlessly integrates with the park’s natural terrain.

Undulating fairways, strategically placed bunkers, and meticulously designed greens characterize this course, offering a delightful challenge for players of all skill levels.

The thoughtful placement of hazards demands precision and strategic thinking, transforming each round into a captivating test of both skill and strategy.

Signature Holes that Define Excellence

Bethpage Yellow Course is adorned with several memorable and distinctive holes that contribute to its allure.

The 12th hole, a par-3 surrounded by bunkers, demands accuracy and finesse, providing a picturesque challenge amidst the course’s beauty. Meanwhile, the 16th hole, a challenging par-4 with a dogleg, requires strategic shot placement to navigate the well-placed hazards.

These signature holes add character to the course, leaving an indelible impression on those who traverse its fairways.

Effortless Online Reservations

Booking your tee time at Bethpage Yellow is a seamless and convenient process. Utilize our user-friendly online reservation system, making the planning of your visit as enjoyable as the golfing adventure that awaits.

Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Enveloped within Bethpage State Park, the course invites you to experience more than just golf. Engage with the park's natural beauty as you navigate through this challenging course, creating a tranquil backdrop for an extraordinary golfing journey.

Experience Pristine Course Conditions

Indulge in a round on well-maintained fairways, impeccable greens, and a course that mirrors our commitment to delivering an outstanding golfing experience. Bethpage Yellow ensures that each swing is a testament to golfing excellence.

Course Information

Step into a world where tradition meets challenge, and every swing is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Bethpage Yellow Course invites golf enthusiasts to experience a course with a rich history, refined layout, and a commitment to providing an exceptional golfing experience for all

Forward Tees:

  • Par: 71
  • Length: 5401
  • Rating: 67.1
  • Slope: 116

Regulation Tees:

  • Par: 71
  • Length: 6055
  • Rating: 68.6
  • Slope: 118

Championship Tees:

  • Par: 71
  • Length: 6288
  • Rating: 69.6
  • Slope: 120

Ready to experience Bethpage Yellow?

Explore the distinctive tee options at Bethpage Yellow Course, each offering a unique golfing experience tailored to your skill level and preference. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a casual player, our par-71 masterpiece awaits your swing. Join us at Bethpage Yellow and discover a course where tradition, challenge, and the natural beauty of the park converge to create a golfing experience like no other. Your extraordinary round begins here!

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