Dance Floor: Slang for green.

Dawn Patrol: The players who tee off early in the day.

Dead: When there is no possible way out of the shot!

Deep: A high clubface from top to bottom.

Deuce: A score of two on a given hole.

Dimple: Depression on the cover of a golf ball.

Divot: Turf displaced by the clubhead during a swing.

Dogleg: Hole on which the fairway curves one way or the other.

Dormant: Grass on the course is alive but not actively growing.

Dormie: The player who’s winning the match in match play — for example, five up with only five holes left, or four up with four left.

Double Bogey: Score of two over par on a hole.

Double Eagle: Score of three under par on a hole. See also albatross.

Down: Losing.

Downhill Lie: When your right foot is higher than your left when you address the ball (for right-handed players).

Downswing: The part of the swing where the clubhead is moving down, toward the ball.

DQ’d: Disqualified.

Drain: To sink a putt.

Draw: Shot that curves from right to left.

Drive: Shot from teeing ground other than par-3 holes.

Drive for Show, Putt for Dough: Old saying implying that putting is more important than driving.

Driving Range: Place where you can go to hit practice balls.

Drive the Green: When your drive finishes on the putting surface. Can happen on short par-4.

Drop: Procedure by which you put the ball back into play after it’s been deemed unplayable.

Dub: Bad shot or player.

Duck Hook: Shot curving severely from right to left.

Duffer: A bad player.

Dying Putt: A putt that barely reaches the hole.

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