Face: The front of a club or bunker.

Fade: A golf shot played so when a left-handed golfer putts the golf ball flight moves slightly right to left and for a right-handed golfer the golf ball flight moves slightly left to right.

Fairway: The prepared surface running from tee to green.

Fairway Wood: Any wooden club that’s not your driver.

Fat: To strike the ground before the ball.

Feather: To put a delicate fade on a shot.

First Cut: Strip of rough at the edge of a fairway.

First Off: Golfers beginning their round before everyone else.

Flag: Piece of cloth attached to the top of a flagstick.

Flagstick: The stick with the flag on top, which indicates the location of the cup.

Flange: Projecting piece of clubhead behind the sole (bottom).

Flat: Swing that is less upright than normal and more around the body than up and down.

Flub: To hit the ball only a few feet.

Flex: The amount of bend in a shaft.

Flier: Shot, usually hit from the rough, that travels way too far past the target.

Fly the Green: To hit a shot that lands beyond the putting surface.

Follow-Through: The part of the swing after the ball has been struck.

Foozle: To make a complete mess of a shot.

Fore!: What to shout when your ball is headed toward another player.

Forged Irons: Clubs made one by one, without molds.

Forward Press: Targetward shift of the hands, and perhaps a right knee, just prior to takeaway.

Foursome: Depends where you are. In the States, a group of four playing together. In Britain, a match between two teams of two, each hitting one ball alternately.

Free Drop: Drop for which no penalty stroke is incurred, generally within one club length of where the ball was.

Fried Egg: When your ball is semiburied in the sand.

Fringe: See Apron.

Frog Hair: Slang for Apron, Fringe, or Collar.

Front Nine: The first half of your round of golf; the second half is the back nine holes.

Full Swing: Longest swing you make.

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