Gallery: Spectators at a tournament.

Gimme: A short putt that your opponent doesn’t ask you to hit, assuming that you can’t possibly miss the shot.

G.I.R: Slang for greens in regulation — greens hit in regulation number of strokes.

Glove: Usually worn on the left hand by right-handed players. Helps maintain grip.

Golden Bear: Jack Nicklaus.

Golf Widow(er): Your significant other after he or she finds out how much you want to play!

Go to School: Watching your partner’s putt and learning from it the line and pace that your putt should have.

Good-Good: Reciprocal concession of short putts. (See gimme.)

Grain: Tendency of grass leaves to lie horizontally toward the sun.

Grand Slam: The four major championships: Masters, U.S. Open, British Open, and PGA Championship.

Graphite: Lightweight material used to make shafts and clubheads.

Great White Shark: Greg Norman.

Green: The shortest-cut grass where you do your putting.

Greenies: Bet won by player whose first shot finishes closest to the hole on a par-3.

Green Jacket: Prize awarded to the winner of the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia.

Greens Fee: The cost to play a round of golf.

Greenside: Close to the green.

Greensome: Game in which both players on a team drive off. The better of the two is chosen; then they alternate shots from there.

Grip: Piece of rubber/leather on the end of a club. Or your hold on the club.

Groove: Scoring along the clubface.

Gross Score: Actual score shot before a handicap is deducted.

Ground the Club: The process of placing the clubhead behind the ball at address, generally touching the bottom of the grass.

Ground Under Repair: Area on the course being worked on by the groundskeeper, generally marked by white lines, from which you may drop your ball without penalty.

Gutta Percha: Material used to manufacture golf balls in the 19th century.

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