Hacker: Poor player.

Half: Tied hole.

Half Shot: Improvised shot with ordinarily too much club for the distance.

Halve: To tie a hole.

Ham and Egging: When you and partner play well on alternate holes, forming an effective team.

Handicap: For example, one whose handicap is 16 is expected to shoot 88 on a par 72 course, or 16 strokes over par.

Hanging Lie: Your ball is on a slope, lying either above or below your feet.

Hardpan: Very firm turf.

Hazard: Can be either sand or water. Don’t ground your club in hazards — it’s against the rules!

Head cover: Protection for the clubhead, usually used on woods.

Heel: End of the clubhead closest to the shaft.

Hickory: Wood from which shafts used to be made.

High Side: Area above the hole on a sloping green.

Hole: Your ultimate 4 1/4-inch-wide target.

Hole-High: Level with the hole.

Hole-in-One: See ace.

Hole Out: Complete play on hole.

Home Green: The green on the 18th hole.

Honor: When you score lowest on a given hole, thus earning the right to tee up first on the next tee.

Hood: Tilting the toe end of the club toward the hole. Lessens the loft on a club, and generally produces a right-to-left shot.

Hook: Shot that curves severely from right to left.

Horseshoe: When ball goes around the edge of the cup and “comes back” toward you.

Hosel: Curved area where the clubhead connects with the shaft.

Hustler: A golfer who plays for a living. Plays better than he claims to be.

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