Impact: Moment when the club strikes the ball.

Impediment: Loose debris that you can remove from around your ball as long as the ball doesn’t move.

Impregnable Quadrilateral: The Grand Slam.

Improve Your Lie: To move the ball to make a shot easier. This is illegal unless local rules dictate otherwise.

In Play: Within the confines of the course (not out-of-bounds).

Into Out: Swing path whereby the clubhead moves across the ball-target line from left to right.

In Your Pocket: After you’ve picked up the ball! (Generally after you finish a hole without holing out.)

Insert: Plate in the face of wooden clubs.

Inside Out: Clubhead moves through the impact area on a line to the right of the target. Most tour players do this. (See also outside in.)

Inside: Area on your side of a line drawn from the ball to the target.

Intended Line: The path on which you imagine the ball flying from club to target.

Interlocking: Type of grip where the little finger of the right hand is entwined with the index finger of the left.

Investment Cast: Clubs made from a mold.

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