Ladies Day: Time when course is reserved for those of the female persuasion.

Lag: A long putt hit with the intent of leaving the ball close to the cup.

Laid Off: When the club points to the left of the target at the top of the backswing.

Lateral Hazard: Water hazard marked by red stakes and usually parallel to the fairway.

Lay-Up: Conservatively played shot to avoid possible trouble.

Leader Board: Place where lowest scores in tournament are posted.

Leak: Ball drifting to the right during flight.

Lie: Where your ball is on the ground. Also, the angle at which the club shaft extends from the head.

Lift: What you do before you drop.

Line: The path of a shot to the hole.

Line Up: To stand behind a shot to take aim.

Links: A seaside course. Don’t expect trees.

Lip: Edge of a cup or bunker.

Lip-Out (cellophane bridge): Ball touches the edge of the cup but doesn’t drop in.

Local Knowledge: What the members know and you don’t.

Local Rules: Set of rules determined by the members, rules committee, or course professional.

Loft: The degree at which a clubface looks upward.

Long Game: Shots hit with long irons and woods. Also could be John Daly’s game.

Loop: Slang for “to caddy.” Or a round of golf. Or a change in the path of the clubhead during the swing.

Low-Handicapper: Good player.

Low Side: Area below the hole on a sloping green.

LPGA: Ladies Professional Golf Association.

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