Make: Hole a shot.

Makeable: Shot with a good chance of being holed.

Mallet: Putter with a wide head.

Mark: To indicate the position of the ball with a small, round, flat object, such as a coin, usually on the green.

Marker: Small, round object, such as a coin, placed behind the ball to indicate its position when you lift it. Or the person keeping score.

Marshal: Person controlling the crowd at a tournament.

Mashie: Old term for a 5-iron.

Mashie-Niblick: Old term for a 7-iron.

Masters: First major tournament of each calendar year. Always played over the Augusta National course in Georgia.

Match of Cards: Comparing your scorecard to your opponent’s to see who won.

Match Play: Game played between two sides. The side that wins the most holes wins the match.

Matched Set: Clubs designed to look and feel the same.

Medal Play: Game played between any number of players. The player with the lowest score wins (can also be called stroke play).

Metal Wood: Wooden club made of metal.

Mid-Iron: Old term for a 2-iron.

Miniature Course: Putting course.

Misclub: To use the wrong club for the distance.

Misread: To take the wrong line on a putt.

Miss the Cut: To take too many strokes for the first 36 holes of 72-hole event and be eliminated. I did this once or twice.

Mixed Foursome: Two men, two women.

Model Swing: Perfect motion.

Mulligan: Second attempt at a shot, usually played on the first tee. This is illegal.

Municipal Course: A course owned by the local government and thus open to the public. Generally has lower greens fees than a privately owned public course.

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