O.B. (Oscar Bravo, Set it Free): Out-of-bounds.

Off-Center Hit: Less than a solid strike.

Offset: Club with the head set farther behind the shaft than normal.

One-Putt: To take only a single putt on a green.

One Up: Being one hole ahead in the match score.

Open Face: Clubface aligned to the right of the target at address, or to the right of its path at impact. Can lead to a shot going to the right of the target.

Open Stance: Player sets up with the left foot pulled back, away from the ball.

Open Up the Hole: When your tee shot leaves the best possible angle for the next shot to the green.

Out-of-Bounds: Area outside the boundaries of the course, usually marked with white posts. When a ball finishes “O.B.,” the player must return to the original spot and play another ball under penalty of one stroke. He or she thus loses stroke and distance.

Outside: Area on the far side of the ball.

Outside In: Swing path followed by the clubhead into the ball from outside the ball-target line. (See inside out.)

Over the Green: Ball hit too far.

Overclub: To use a club that will hit the ball too far.

Overlapping: A type of grip where the little finger of the right hand lies over the index finger of the left hand.

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