Rabbit: A beginning player.

Rake: Device used to smooth the sand after you leave a bunker.

Range: Practice area.

Range Ball: Generally a low-quality ball used on a driving range.

Rap: To hit a putt firmly.

Read the Green: To assess the path on which a putt must travel to the hole.

Regular: A shaft with normal flex.

Regulation: Par figures.

Release: The point in the downswing where the wrists uncock.

Relief: Where you drop a ball that was in a hazard or affected by an obstruction.

Reverse Overlap: Putting grip in which the little finger of the right hand overlaps the index finger of the left hand.

Rhythm: The tempo of your swing.

Rifle a Shot: To hit the ball hard, straight, and far.

Rim the Cup: See Lip Out.

Ringer Score: Your best-ever score at each hole on the course.

Road Hole: The 17th hole at St. Andrews — the hardest hole in the world.

Roll: On wooden clubs, the curve on the clubface from the top to the bottom of the face.

Rough: Unprepared area of long grass on either side of the fairway.

Round: Eighteen holes of golf.

Royal & Ancient Golf Club: The organization that runs the British Open.

Rub of the Green: Luck.

Run: The roll on the ball after landing.

Run Up: A type of shot to play when the ground is firm. You bounce the ball onto the green and let it roll to the hole.

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