Sandbagger: A golfer who lies about his or her ability/handicap to gain an advantage.

Sand Trap: A bunker.

Sandy: Making par after being in a bunker.

Scorecard: Where the length, par, and rating of each hole is recorded. Also, your score.

Scoring: The grooves on the clubface.

Scramble: To play erratic golf but still score well. Or a game where a team of, say, four all tee off and then pick the best shot. All then play their balls from that spot; continues with each set of shots.

Scratch Play: No handicaps used in this type of game.

Scratch Player: One with a 0 handicap.

Second Cut: Second level of rough, higher than first cut. Some courses have three cuts of rough.

Semiprivate: A course with members that is also open to the public.

Semirough: Grass in the rough that is not too long, not too short.

Setup: See Address.

Shaft: The part of the club that joins the grip to the head.

Shag: To retrieve practice balls.

Shag Bag: To carry practice balls.

Shallow: Narrow clubface. Or a flattish angle of attack into the ball.

Shank: Shot struck from the club’s hosel; flies far to the right of the intended target.

Shooting the Lights Out: To play very well.

Short Cut: Cut of grass on the fairway or green.

Short Game: Shots played on and around the green.

Shut: Clubface aligned left at address or impact; looking skyward at the top of the backswing. Results in a shot that goes to the left of the target.

Sidehill Lie: Ball either above or below your feet.

Sidesaddle: Putting style where a player faces the hole while making the stroke.

Sink: To make a putt.

Sit Down (full flaps, pull a hamstring, develop a limp): A polite request for the ball to stop.

Skins: Betting game where the lowest score on a hole wins the pot. If the hole is tied, the money carries over to the next hole.

Skull (Hit it in the Forehead): See Blade or Thin.

Sky: Ball flies off the top of the clubface — very high and short.

Sleeve of Balls: Box of three golf balls.

Slice: Shot that curves sharply from left to right.

Smile: Cut in a ball caused by a mishit.

Smother: To hit the ball with a closed clubface, resulting in a horrible, low, hooky shot.

Snake: Long putt.

Snap Hook: Severe hook.

Socket: SeeShank.

Sole: Bottom of the clubhead.

Sole Plate: Piece of metal attached to the bottom of a wooden club.

Spade-Mashie: Old term for a 6-iron.

Spike Mark: Mark on the green made by a golf shoe.

Spin-Out: Legs moving too fast in relation to the upper body on the downswing.

Spoon: Old term for a 3-wood.

Spot Putting: Aiming for a point on the green over which the ball must run if it is to go in the hole.

Square: Score of a match is even. Or the clubface and stance are aligned perfectly with the target.

Square Face: Clubface looking directly at the hole at address/impact.

Square Grooves: USGA banned them from clubfaces.

St. Andrews: Located in Fife, Scotland, the home of golf.

Stableford: Method of scoring by using points rather than strokes.

Stance: Position of the feet before the swing.

Starter: Person running the order of play (who plays when) from the first tee.

Starting Time: When you tee off at the first tee.

Stick: The pin in the hole.

Stiff: A shaft with reduced flex. Or very close to the hole.

Stimpmeter: Device used to measure the speed of greens.

Stroke: Movement of club with the intent to hit the ball.

Stroke Hole: Hole at which one either gives or receives a shot, according to the handicap of your playing.

Stymie: Ball obstructing your route to the hole — now obsolete.

Sudden-Death: Form of playoff whereby the first player to win a hole wins the match.

Superintendent: Person responsible for the upkeep of the course.

Surlyn: Material from which most balls are made.

Swale: Depression or dip in terrain.

Sway: To move excessively to the right on the backswing without turning the body.

Sweet Spot: Perfect point on the clubface with which to strike the ball.

Swing plane: Angle at which the club shaft travels around the body during a swing.

Swing weight: Measure of a club’s weight to its length.

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