Takeaway: Early part of the backswing.

Tap-In: Very short putt.

Tee: Wooden peg on which the ball is set for the first shot on a hole. Also, the area from which that initial shot is hit.

Teeing Ground: Area in which you must tee your ball, between the tee markers and neither in front of them nor more than two club lengths behind them.

Tee it Up: To start play.

Tempo: The rhythm of your swing.

Temporary Green: Used in winter to save the permanent green.

Texas Wedge: Putter when used from off the green.

That’ll Play: A kind reference to mediocre shot.

Thin: To hit the ball around its equator — don’t expect much height.

Three-Putt: Undesired number of strokes on a green.

Through the Green: The whole course except hazards, tees, and greens.

Tiger Tee: Slang for the back tee.

Tight: Narrow fairway.

Tight Lie: The ball on bare ground or very short grass.

Timing: The pace and sequence of movement in your swing.

Titanium: Metal used in lightweight shafts and in golf balls.

Top: Ball is struck on or above the equator. See thin.

Torque: Twisting of the shaft at impact.

Tour: Series of tournaments for professionals.

Tradesman’s Entrance: Ball goes in the hole from the rear of the cup.

Trajectory: Flight of the ball.

Trap: See Bunker.

Triple Bogey: Three over par on one hole. Not good.

Turn: To make your way to the back nine holes. Or the rotation of the upper body during the backswing and forward swing.

Twitch: See yips.

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