Dance Floor: Slang for green. Dawn Patrol: The players who tee off early in the day. Dead: When there is no possible way out of the shot! Deep: A high clubface from top to bottom. Deuce: A score of two on a given hole. Dimple: Depression on the cover of a golf ball. Divot: Turf displaced by the clubhead during a swing. […]


Caddie: The person carrying your clubs during your round of golf. With who may also communicate yardage measurements, rakes bunkers, and provides other information by the golfer’s request. Caddie-Master: The person in charge of caddies. Calamity Jane: The great Bobby Jones’s putter. Carry: The distance between a ball’s takeoff and landing. Cart: A motorized vehicle used to transport golfers around […]


Back Door: When the ball drops into the hole, after rolling around the rim of the cup to the far side. Back Lip: The edge of a bunker (a hazard filled with sand) that’s farthest from the green. Back Nine: It is the second half, or last 9 nines holes of an 18-hole course. Backspin: Is when the ball hits the […]


Ace: A hole-in-one. Address: The way a golfer positions his or her body right before laying the clubface square to the ball. Each golfer has his or her own unique address. Airball: When a golfer swings and misses the ball. It is counted as a stroke in putting. Albatross: British term for double eagle, which means you scored 3 under […]

Golf has a language all its own. Golf Terminology for beginners brings you the phrases, slangs and terminology to help you understand and make sense of golf.

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