Nassau: Bet in which a round of 18 holes is divided into three — front nine, back nine, and full 18. Net Score: Score for a hole or round after handicap strokes are deducted. Never Up, Never In: Annoying saying coined for a putt that finishes short of the hole. Niblick: Old term for a 9-iron. Nine: Half of a […]


Make: Hole a shot. Makeable: Shot with a good chance of being holed. Mallet: Putter with a wide head. Mark: To indicate the position of the ball with a small, round, flat object, such as a coin, usually on the green. Marker: Small, round object, such as a coin, placed behind the ball to indicate its position when you lift […]


Ladies Day: Time when course is reserved for those of the female persuasion. Lag: A long putt hit with the intent of leaving the ball close to the cup. Laid Off: When the club points to the left of the target at the top of the backswing. Lateral Hazard: Water hazard marked by red stakes and usually parallel to […]


Kick: Another term for bounce. Kill: To hit a long shot.


Jail: Slang for when you and your ball are in very deep trouble. Jigger: Old term for a 4-iron. Jungle: Slang for heavy rough, or an unprepared area of long grass


Impact: Moment when the club strikes the ball. Impediment: Loose debris that you can remove from around your ball as long as the ball doesn’t move. Impregnable Quadrilateral: The Grand Slam. Improve Your Lie: To move the ball to make a shot easier. This is illegal unless local rules dictate otherwise. In Play: Within the confines of the course (not […]


Hacker: Poor player. Half: Tied hole. Half Shot: Improvised shot with ordinarily too much club for the distance. Halve: To tie a hole. Ham and Egging: When you and partner play well on alternate holes, forming an effective team. Handicap: For example, one whose handicap is 16 is expected to shoot 88 on a par 72 course, or 16 strokes over […]


Gallery: Spectators at a tournament. Gimme: A short putt that your opponent doesn’t ask you to hit, assuming that you can’t possibly miss the shot. G.I.R: Slang for greens in regulation — greens hit in regulation number of strokes. Glove: Usually worn on the left hand by right-handed players. Helps maintain grip. Golden Bear: Jack Nicklaus. Golf Widow(er): Your significant other after he […]


Face: The front of a club or bunker. Fade: A golf shot played so when a left-handed golfer putts the golf ball flight moves slightly right to left and for a right-handed golfer the golf ball flight moves slightly left to right. Fairway: The prepared surface running from tee to green. Fairway Wood: Any wooden club that’s not your […]


Eagle: A score of two under par for a hole. Embedded Ball: Portion of the ball is below ground. Erosion: Loss of land through water and wind damage. Etiquette: Code of conduct. Explode: To play a ball from a bunker moving a large amount of sand. Or what you do if the ball doesn’t get out of the bunker. Extra […]

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