Yips: When a golfer misses short putts because of bad nerves.


Waggle: Movement of the clubhead prior to the swing. Water Hazard: Body of water that costs you a shot to leave. Wedge: Lofted club (iron) used for pitching. Whiff: SeeAirball. Whipping: The string around the shaft/head of a wooden club. Whippy: A shaft more flexible than normal. Windcheater: Low drive. Winter Rules: See Preferred Lies. Wood: Material that long clubs used to be made of. […]


Vardon Grip: See Overlapping.


Uncock: See Release. Underclub: To take at least one club less than needed for distance. Unplayable Lie: You can’t hit the ball. One stroke penalty is your reward. Up: Ahead in the match. Or the person next to play. Or reaching the hole with a putt. Up and Down: To get the ball into the hole in two strokes from somewhere […]


Takeaway: Early part of the backswing. Tap-In: Very short putt. Tee: Wooden peg on which the ball is set for the first shot on a hole. Also, the area from which that initial shot is hit. Teeing Ground: Area in which you must tee your ball, between the tee markers and neither in front of them nor more than […]


Sandbagger: A golfer who lies about his or her ability/handicap to gain an advantage. Sand Trap: A bunker. Sandy: Making par after being in a bunker. Scorecard: Where the length, par, and rating of each hole is recorded. Also, your score. Scoring: The grooves on the clubface. Scramble: To play erratic golf but still score well. Or a game where a […]


Rabbit: A beginning player. Rake: Device used to smooth the sand after you leave a bunker. Range: Practice area. Range Ball: Generally a low-quality ball used on a driving range. Rap: To hit a putt firmly. Read the Green: To assess the path on which a putt must travel to the hole. Regular: A shaft with normal flex. Regulation: Par figures. Release: The point […]


Quail High (Stealth, Skull, Rat-High): Low. Qualifying School: A place where aspiring professional golfers try to qualify for the PGA and LPGA Tours. A punishing week of pressure golf. The ultimate grind. Quitting: Not hitting through a shot with conviction.


Pairings: Groups of two players. Par: The score a good player would expect to make on a hole or round. Partner: A player on your side. Penal: Difficult. Persimmon: A wood from which many wooden clubs are made. PGA: Professional Golfers’ Association. Piccolo Grip: A very loose hold on the club, especially at the top of the backswing. Pigeon: An opponent you should […]


O.B. (Oscar Bravo, Set it Free): Out-of-bounds. Off-Center Hit: Less than a solid strike. Offset: Club with the head set farther behind the shaft than normal. One-Putt: To take only a single putt on a green. One Up: Being one hole ahead in the match score. Open Face: Clubface aligned to the right of the target at address, or to the […]

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